SXSW begynte som en musikkfestival i 1987 og har nå utviklet seg til et møtested også for fremtidens trender og teknologiutvikling. Jeg sjekket om konferanseprogrammet hadde noe om fremtidens hav og jo da, det hadde det.

New Yorkere i pakt med havet

14. mars går en sesjon på SXSW som heter Designing Urban Ocean Conservation med følgende utgangspunkt:

«Ocean conservation is not just about coral reefs and whales. With the human population at 7.6 billion, and the majority of us living in cities and on the coast, it’s time to figure out urban ocean conservation. Ports, tourism, and fishing comprise a valuable “blue economy.” Wetlands, oyster reefs, and mangroves provide critical storm protection. Protecting and restoring coastal ecosystems safeguards our livelihoods, food security, safety, and cultures. We envision NYC in harmony with the sea.»

SXSW-panel med ulike stemmer

De tre foredragene i sesjonen holdes av:

«Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is a marine biologist, policy expert, conservation strategist, and Brooklyn native. She is founder of Ocean Collectiv, a strategy consulting firm for conservation solutions grounded in social justice. She teaches at New York University as an adjunct professor, and volunteered as co-director of partnerships for the March for Science. As executive director of the Waitt Institute, Ayana co-founded the Blue Halo Initiative and led the Caribbean’s first successful island-wide ocean zoning effort. Previously, she worked on ocean policy at the EPA and NOAA, and was recently a TED resident and Aspen Institute fellow. She blogs and tweets about how we can use the ocean without using it up on the National Geographic blog and @ayanaeliza»

Skolelever gjenoppretter liv i havet

«Murray Fisher spent the last fifteen years leading the creation of two internationally recognized institutions: the New York Harbor School, a public, maritime high school on Governors Island in New York City; and the Billion Oyster Project, an effort to engage one million public school students in restoring one billion oysters to New York Harbor. He has recently transitioned from his day-to-day role at Billion Oyster Project to the role of Board Chairman. Together, these two institutions are working to create a model sustainable city through the engagement of all New Yorkers in the restoration of their local marine environment. Murray is currently spending more time outside and with his family on their small farm in upstate New York. He hopes to launch one ore more new for-profit initiatives with the same goals of connecting more people to nature and wildlife.»

Surferen som stoppet gassutbygging

«Leaving Scotland to chase waves around the world, Nikita Scott settled on NYC as her new home break. She began volunteering with Surfrider as a campaign lead to fight a liquefied natural gas port that was proposed for off the coast of NY. Nikita helped form a coalition of aligned environmental organizations, playing an integral role in conceiving and executing campaign strategy that resulted victory when Governor Cuomo vetoed the project in 2015. Shortly thereafter, Nikita was awarded the Wavemaker Award in Environmental Leadership and elected chair of the Surfrider NYC Chapter. »

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